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Prices at

The prices are distinguished guest rooms and suites and apartments (two bedrooms). Also important is the difference between regular, fair prices and Oktoberfest prices.
Children under 3 years free. From 4 - 10 Age are charged 50% of the price. What matters is whether a normal bed, a guest bed or no bed is required.
The prices are very different depending on host, they are only listed for each service. Since we are no trade, no invoices (receipts are available) will be issued.
There is always the prices, which are indicated on
The table lists the prices for trade fairs and Oktoberfest Rates (Monday - Friday) and the standard prices are listed.
Under "Information to the price", the following special awards are given:
- For an extra bed
- Oktoberfest weekend
- Only one night (exception)
- Children
- Pets
- Parking
- Note on Last Minute Rates
- Additional services (breakfast, etc.)

Note for Oktoberfest:
The Oktoberfest weekend goes from Friday to Sunday.
For arrivals on Sunday you have to pay the Oktoberfest weekend rate.

Notes on fairs:
The first night before the start of the show will be calculated as a fair price.

All prices are complete prices. There are no other hidden costs.

to pay with western union

Fill out a Western Union “To send money” form.
Give the form, transfer money and fee to your Western Union agent
The agent will enter the informationen on to the computer.
The agent will give you a receipt with your Money
transfer control Number (MTCN).
Tell us when you sent the money.
Please write us the amount,
your first name and your last name
the country, you send the money from,
and the MTCN.
Important: Please always sent us the exact details on the form.


You also can pay with PayPal. You have to pay the charge for it.
How do I send money with paypal ?

You send money by clicking the Send Money tab, then clicking either the Pay Anyone or Pay for eBay Items subtab, and filling out the form. When you send money through the Pay Anyone subtab, you are asked to choose a payment type. The payment types are:

Goods (other): Select this to pay for non-auction goods
Service: Select this to pay for a service
Quasi-Cash: Select this to send money not involving an underlying good or service. If you use your debit or credit card for this, your bank may treat it as a cash advance and charge cash fees. PayPal has no control over these fees. If you select Quasi-Cash you may want to use a payment method other than a credit card to avoid potential fees.

ou can also use a debit or credit card or make an international transfer for a small fee. The credit cards charge us a little so we charge you a little for the convenience.

Debit/Credit card fee:
2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (the sender decides who pays this fee)

Outside the US
0.5% to 2% fee when fully funded with your bank account or PayPal balance or 3.4% to 3.9% if paying with a credit or debit card

More informationen at

costless with Paypal App

With the PayPal app for Android or iPhone, you immediately send quickly, easily and send money for free. Just tap on "Send" button, enter the recipient and the amount of e-mail address and set friends and family as uses. Prerequisite for this Paypal transfers is that donors and recipients live in Germany or the European Union and the transmitter has its own Paypal account with a sufficiently high credit or a Linked Bank Account. The recipient will receive the app a push message, the credit of the amount is then immediately on his PayPal account.

With the PayPal app payment is free of charge. In: What this payment is: select "friends and family". Enter the booking number under notice.