Terms and conditions



All information on www.zimmer-guenstig.de is only for your information. All offers will be sent in writing to the customer. Every customer can check the terms and conditions. If an offer has been accepted, a contract is concluded.

Each applicant receives the notice sent to our terms and conditions. Only with the adoption of such an offer is a contract in accordance with our terms and conditions. The contract may also come about by estoppel. The providers of rooms-guenstig.de are free to confirm the room reservation in writing.

Booking through a third party

When a customer confirmed a booking for another guest, the following applies: Contractor is always the one who completes the booking. This also applies to the payment of the price for the liability and the cost of a cancellation.

Contracting companion

The contracting parties are the Tenant and the host of the accommodation.


Prices at www.zimmer-guenstig.com

All prices are in EUR. Products shipped in the offer prices are always total prices. Additional services are not included in the price. The price includes cost of linen, heating, electricity, water.

The Oktoberfest weekend is from Friday to Sunday.
For arrivals on Sunday or at public holiday applies to this night of Oktoberfest weekend price.
Notes on the fairs: The first night before the beginning of Mass is calculated as the fair price.

booking confirmation

A booking is confirmed in writing. After confirmation of booking, the general terms and conditions apply. The guests always receive a reconfirmation. Afterwards the deposit is to pay. A reservation without binding booking confirmation is not possible.


For each booking, a deposit must be paid. The deposit is 33 - 50% of the total price. If the deposit was paid, the address of the host will be send to the guest.

It was only when payment and receipt of payment at www.zimmer-guenstig.de is a room or apartment booked by the host, and may not be reassigned. The confirmation received without payment does not trigger liability for damages on the part of the host. On receipt of confirmation apply force in terms Diersen cancellation conditions.

Arrival and Departure

The time of arrival is always stated in the offer of the host. The hosts have a day job. Therefore, the time of arrival is to be agreed. Only the agreed arrival time is authentic.
Check out:
The departure time is before 12 clocks.
For departures to 18 clock 50% of the daily rate will be charged.
After 18 clock 100% of the daily rate will be charged.

Payment of the rent

Upon arrival, the rest of the price is payable. It can only be paid in cash. The payments with credit or debit cards are not accepted.
Without payment, the contract may be terminate without notice.
A partial payment is not possible.
There is no compensation. There is no entitlement to another property.


Any cancellation must be notified in writing.
In case of cancellation, the deposit will not be paid back.
The shortening of the length of stay or the arrival with less people is a cancellation.
Cases of force majeure are no cancellation fees. Force majeure includes war, natural disasters.
Not to force majeure include:
- Theft and 'robbery
- Pregnancy
- Disease
- Accident
- Death
- Loss of a job.
Such risks can be insuring with a travel insurance.


Any damage caused by the guest must be paid immediately.
The damage must be report immediately to the property owner.
Bed and Breakfast offers simple accommodation. Photos and a detailed description can be found at www.zimmer-guenstig.de. Small variations in the specification are possible.
If defects occur, this must be report to www.zimmer-guenstig.de immediately. It tries to eliminate defects immediately.

Internet Access

Some hosts offer internet access. Any improper use is prohibited. For damages, the guest must pay. Internet sites with pornography, violence glorifying, right-wing extremist, immoral and such content is prohibited.
On the Internet, content can are covered by copyright protection or violate the privacy rights of third parties. When saving data to disk by the guests, the following should be noted. The hosts do not assume any liability for copyright violations or for the violation of personal rights

Privacy Policy

Bed and brekfast protects your data. Your personal information will be communicated only for bookings to the host.
We take appropriate technical measures to protect your data.
Access to our data is only possible for the hosts. Your data will only be when we are legally obliged to do so.

Force majeure

Force Majeure: No cancellation fees will apply if the cancellation is due to force majeure. These include natural disasters, civil war, strikes. The force majeure is demonstrated in an appropriate form (eg, strike at the presentation of a confirmation present, the guest is actually affected by the strike).
Not for violence is higher among other things: damage to property of the insured person or a person at risk caused by natural forces (eg fire, flood) or offenses (such as burglary, theft or robbery),
- Pregnancy or Impfunverträglichkeit a person or a person at risk,
- Death,
- Unexpected serious illness,
- Accident,
- Loss of job score or a person accompanying risk because of an unexpected operational termination of employment by the employer. These risks can be covered by a private travel insurance.
Trip cancellation insurance: We strongly recommend booking with the conclusion of a trip cancellation insurance.

Rent reduction reasons

A reduction of rent is only possible if the host was immediately informed of the damage / defect. The host will have 48 hours to correct the defect. A reduction of rent without complaint to the host is not possible. Not even after departure.
The reduction of rent is always set in individual cases.
The following list should help in deciding on the amount of the reduction.
- Bath (unavailability) 20%
- Sewage discharge from toilet and bath tub (drain Jam) 38%
- Sewage backflow in the toilet 5%
- Shower not working 16%
- Bathroom: The only toilet is no longer usable 80%
Construction (housing):
- Large-scale construction and renovation in the building and expansion of the attic 60%
- Extensive construction work of at least three months, about 50%
- Total reconstruction of the house: 100% during reconstruction phase, despite continued use
Moisture, water penetration
- Water damage to Wohnzimmrerdecke 25%
- Moisture damage in living room and bedroom 20%
- 10% moisture damage in the bedroom
- Moisture damage in the living room 10%
- No hot water for 1 month 10%
- No heating in the bedrooms in winter 20%
- Heating up. 17-18 ° 15 - 20%
- Max. 15 ° in the living room 30%
- Heating loss (total) in winter: 50%:
- Heating: loss of heating during the summer months, 0%
- Heating: The lack of heating & cooling in the kitchen of the apartment% 0
- Living room unusable 10%
- Balcony need not be used for repair 3%
- Threat of crime and noise from other tenants 25%
- Normal behavior living in the apartment next door (also normal festivities) 0%
- Underground parking: tenant who moves in on parking entrance located apartment must reckon with noise nuisance 0%
Downtown Location: The downtown location connected to a noise in the environment is no shortage of housing 0%
House Music: Personal hypersensitivity to house music by neighbors in an apartment building does not justify a rent reduction due to defects of the property, as long as the neighbors do not play in storing and playing music on the go unnecessarily low volume. 0%
- Playground are: From a playground in a housing complex outgoing sounds of playing children and young people accept and do not reduce the rent 0%
- Typical noise of children not entitled to rent reduction 0%
- Cooking odors: domestic cooking odors 0%
Construction noise:
- Construction noise, dust, exhaust fumes, etc. in the immediate vicinity of 20%
- Construction noise, more of neighboring property, more than 1 month continuously 3%
- Construction noise after 17 clock and at weekends 25%
- Noise from construction work 30% over 1 week
- Drug Scene in the vicinity of the apartment building were without concrete deterioration in the flat: 0%
- Garbage disposal (closed) 0%
- Intercom (broken) 1%
- House lighting (working): 1%.
- Door (broken): 3%
- Elevator broken: 5 from In the inoperative elevator Stock up 7.5%
- Kitchen and bathroom unusable 50%
- 5% broken stove

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